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    Kids Fitness Clients:

“We play football, baseball, and basketball.  It’s so much more fun than gym class.  We get to play all the sports I like to play.  I’m getting better at each sport every week and the running and push ups help to.” 

~ Timothy Holman – Age 12, Randolph, New Jersey

“Andrew, Debbie and I would like to sincerely thank you for the time and effort you’ve put into guiding Matthew.  We have both seen a transformation, both physically and socially since he’s been training with you.  It’s not only us, everyone from teachers to our parents notice a huge change as well.  Outgoing, confident, and smiling ear to ear!  Bless you.”      

~ Gary & Debbie Holman


“Thank you for the workouts, they are great.  Every day we do different activities and I like all the surprises.”

~ Kevin Derring, - Age 11, Roxbury, New Jersey

“Andrew had worked with my wife and me for years and when Andrew had mentioned that he was available to work with Kevin we were excited, and so was Kevin.  The changes in not only his activity level, which was immediate, but the attentiveness in school was a pleasant surprise.  Kevin’s grades had always been good but now he is showing a creative side and seems to be channeling his energy in much more positive ways, no to mention going to bed at an appropriate time.  He’s not putting up a fight when it comes to eating better and he’s actually asking for second helping of vegetables, WOW!  Andrew is not only a great teacher, but he's a great role-model for our son.  We are so proud of Kevin and all the work he and Andrew have done over the past year.”

~ Frank & Sarah Derring


“I’m going to try out for the baseball, football, and basketball teams now that I am so much better at all those sports.  I can’t wait for practice and the games.”

~ Josh Hesslin Jr. – Age 13, Mendham, New Jersey

“As a college basketball player myself I remember playing sports practically as soon as I could walk, but I made a conscious decision not to force any of my sons into sports -- I never wanted it shoved down their throats as they were for me.  But when Josh began showing an interest in sports a couple of years ago, I was happy for him and I wanted him to have every opportunity to maximize his energies.  I know how important the right coach and one-on-one training can be.  A friend recommended Andy and he and Josh hit it off right away.  I’ll sometimes stay and watch their session -- sometimes I don’t know who’s pushing who harder.  The energy Andy puts out and gets back from Josh is amazing.  It makes me want to play again!  There’s a right way a wrong way to train youth athletes.  I can say from experience that Andy is a professional who does it the right way.”

~ Josh Hesslin


“Everyone should workout, so they can be strong and fast like me.”

~ Patrick McCaul – Age 12, Randolph, New Jersey


“I have so much fun training with Andy! I use to be nervous in gym class b/c I wasn’t sure of what to do and how to play some games – now I practice with Andy and I’m not the last one picked in gym class anymore.”

~ Stephanie Schwartzman – Age 12, Chester, New Jersey


“Going to a very competitive High School makes it harder to get playing time if you’re not training hard.  After working a summer doing drills, plyometrics, and eating right I’m one step ahead of the competition!”

~ Mark Chiparo – Age 14, Chatham, New Jersey


“We couldn’t get our kids up and out the door – we tried EVERYTHING! A neighbor recommended working with Andrew and now our kids are dragging us out the door to do activities! Andrew instilling healthy values in our children and had a positive affect on the entire family – Thanks Andrew!”

~ Richard & Vanessa Roth, Rockaway, New Jersey

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