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If you have ever:
  • Wanted a qualified personal trainer to tell you the best way to lose weight and get healthy.
  • Wanted to work with a qualified personal trainer but could not afford the $95/hour fee.
  • Wanted to reap the benefits of training with an elite trainer, but there are simply location constraints.

This may be the answer to your problems!

First things first – What is online personal training?

Online personal training has gained massive amounts of momentum over the last two years.  Many people, just like you, from all walks of life are hiring personal trainers to provide fitness programs via e-mail.  Usually, the client will receive an updated exercise, flexibility, and cardiovascular routine 1-2 times per month.  As well as maintain some level of correspondence with his or her trainer, in order to make necessary changes to you’re routine and ensure you’re on the right track.  If you have an ever-changing work/travel schedule or if you happen to be somewhat price-sensitive at the moment or if you want to train with a top level elite trainer but he or she does not train near you, online training is the way to go.          

Now what is online training like with Andrew Stearns? – Why my system works!

Lets be crystal clear – most online training you find on the internet today is not personal.  One conversation to get started, one routine a month, and a few nutritional “suggestions” from an individual who does not hold a degree or certification in a nutritional science, to me, is not personal.  In fact, this can be quite counter-productive if not dangerous.  Not to mention that most online trainers give their clients pre-designed computer generated routines, despite the fact that they say they don’t.  My most sincere goal in offering my Personal Online Training expertise is to enable you to reach every single one of your health and fitness goals.  My second set of goals are to make my services available to those who live too far for me to coach one-on-one or just aren’t able to afford my personal training in person, on a regular basis.  Please take a moment and look at what my Online Personal Training clients have to say about my services. 

I promise to put the personalinto online personal training in order to insure your success.  How, you may ask?  By:

·         Allowing you the client to speak with me before you select a program option

·         Giving you the option to speak with me, personally, not just e-mal correspondences, between three-unlimited times per month, throughout your training

·         Updating your routine between twice-unlimited per month, depending on your goals

·         Limiting the number of online training clients I have at one time to 20. So there’s more attention for you - creating your routines and consulting one-on-one

·         Providing proven routines in the areas of exercise, body sculpting, and flexibility in order for you to reach all your weight loss and fitness goals

·         Sharing professional nutritional advice, as a registered and qualified holistic nutritionist

·         Putting my heart, soul, education, guidance, experience, motivation, and ongoing support into each and every routine and conversation until you make it!

That’s a promise!

 7 THINGS everyone needs to know before hiring an online trainer.

1.  First and foremost, check the qualifications of the trainer that will be training you. Trainers should provide extensive background information about themselves. Make sure the personal trainer has a college degree in an exercise-related field and/or are certified by a well-known organization such as the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) or the Chek Institute (C.H.E.K.).

2.  Avoid trainers that ''prescribe'' nutritional plans and supplement programs. Trainers should not be advising you on nutrition (beyond quality of food and proper hydration) unless they are registered nutritionists.

3.  Inquire about the trainer's experience with your age group or with your particular needs or health challenges (e.g., specialization with older adults, weight management). Be wary of sites/trainers that taut themselves as ''celebrity trainers'' or use professional athletes to sell their services. It's important to find out who will actually be designing your workouts. And always avoid trainers/sites that make exaggerated claims or guarantee fitness results.

4 Look for a full sample workout plan. Make sure the plans are thorough and detailed (e.g., weight, sets, repetitions, intensity) and not simply a list of exercises. Also determine whether the site provides a method for visually communicating proper exercise technique as text-only instructions can be difficult to follow.

5.  The trainer should provide an easy means of contacting them for questions or concerns. Most trainers provide email contact, but also look for trainers that have a direct number so you can actually speak to your trainer, before and after you sign up. Questions should always be addressed in a timely manner.

6.  Avoid trainers who claim to be “Online Personal Trainer Of The Year” or claim that they have “over one-hundred online clients!”  Unless online training is their only job there’s no way you will be able to get the attention and customization you need.  Make sure your trainer has a cap for the amount of clients he/she will train at one time. 

7.  Determine whether the workouts are truly customized for you. Many trainers use computer programs to provide preset workout plans based on how you answer their evaluation form. If you receive a plan immediately or within a few hours, a computer likely created your workout. This is not personal nor will it be very effective, in fact it may actually be counterproductive.

Here’s how Andrew’s Online Personal Training will work for you:

The commitment:

Once you’ve made a commitment to change your live and have taken action - subscribed to any one of my three online personal training programs, you will receive an email and phone call from me. This email will include my comprehensive assessment form.  (This information includes your medical, health and exercise history, eating log, lifestyle and current activity level, goals, exercise preferences, etc.)  ). This will allow me to get a head start on your routines before I speak with you.

Our first conversation – The starting line for success!

You’ve already read or heard about me, now its time for me to get to know you.  I like to take this time to introduce myself and get in tune with your goals and your needs.  I want to get a complete understanding as to why you may not be succeeding with your current exercise or nutritional plan, so I can start to construct a plan of attack!  

Your routines - The blueprint for victory:

In less than two days you will receive a fitness, cardiovascular, and flexibility program designed specifically for you. You can rest assured that this is NOT a machine generated online personal training program. I look at the answers you provided in your assessment form as well as our initial conversation to create all your customized programs.

You can print out your workout and take it to the gym if you'd like or you can simply view it online. Your programs are built using equipment that you have available and each workout can be done in your gym, your home, your office, or on vacation.

All my custom exercise, cardiovascular, and flexibility plans contain the following:

Complete program details that cover:

·         Sets

·         Repetitions

·         Weight

·         Intensity

·         Detailed exercise instructions

·         Precise flexibility instructions

·         Cardiovascular programs details

·         Start and finish exercise pictures

A promise -- that you will always understand how to do an exercise

Personal access to me, by way of phone consultations or in person one-on-one meetings (if you live in the NJ area)

Email access with me, Andrew Stearns M.S., RHN, one of the most sought after exercise specialists and registered holistic nutritionists in the country

All my expertise, experience, education, motivation and dedication to ensure your complete success

Don't have questions? No problem. I still email you regularly to check in!

Below is an example online sample routine:


So what's the next step?
Take action - Become a member!


Plan 1:
The Six-Month Ultimate Success Plan
$699 Six-Month Subscription

This program is the ultimate! Decide, commit, improve... transform! You’ve read the success stories - now it’s your turn.

You will look back 6 months from now and will be absolutely astonished how much you have progressed.

Give yourself this ultimate gift!

This plan leaves nothing to chance!
This program takes into account all the elements of a sound, scientific and effective fitness routine- strength-training, cardiovascular exercise, and flexibility.


• Unlimited email correspondences
• One 20 minute phone conversation per week
• Two exercise and flexibility routines per month     
• Two cardiovascular routine each month online tracking tools
• Monthly 30 min. Goal Setting Workshop session
• Only $116.50 a month!

COMMIT- action will produce results! 


Plan 2:
The Three-Month Transformation Plan
$399 Three-Month Subscription

Take advantage of my transformation plan
Discover the results you deserve!

This plan is the perfect stepping stone toward your success.  This program enables you to discover your bodies’ potential with plenty of time left for serious results.

• 5 email correspondences each month
• Three 15 minute phone conversation per month
• One exercise and flexibility routines per month     
• One cardiovascular routine each month
• Monthly 20 min. Goal Setting Workshop session
• Only $133.00 a month!

COMMIT- action will produce results!


Plan 3:
The One-Month Energizer Plan
$149 Monthly Subscription

Take a positive action for you health and vitality!

This plan is the first of many positive steps you will take toward mastering your body!
This program is a great introduction to exercise and online training.  If you’ve ever found yourself joining a gym only to quit a month or two later.  Or, if you’ve ever been gung-ho about a New Year’s resolution only to fall back into old habit--This is just the routine for you.

• 2 email correspondences
• One 30 minute phone conversation
• A customized exercise, cardiovascular, and flexibility routine      

COMMIT- action will produce results!

                               Your nutritionist and trainer,