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A Message From The Heart…
For The Heart!

There is absolutely nothing I’m more passionate about than helping people make fundamental changes in their lives through exercise and nutrition. 

I’ve had the pleasure to train, coach, and motivate some incredible people over the past 13 years -- men and women who first came to me out of shape, unhappy with their figures, unmotivated, depressed … sometimes people who just couldn’t seem to get over that last fitness plateau.  Soon after making a decision to train with me, these people were empowered to reverse all the things they disliked or wanted to improve about themselves.  Not only did they get into the shape they always wanted – they were able to achieve more than they ever thought possible!  I have been fortunate to be their guidance and support and I would extend that same passion and dedication to your fitness routine too.    



I’ve been a personal trainer for over 13 years, and for most of those years I’ve been one of the most sought-after trainers in the New York metropolitan area.  (For more details, see Andrew’s bio.)  I back up my passion for your improvement with a multidisciplinary fitness background, so you can be sure your sessions will incorporate a variety of exercise techniques that will keep your enthusiasm high and will produce results.


Your personal sessions might include:

Body Sculpting,

Strength Training,

Yoga and Pilates,

Functional Training,

Post-Rehabilitation Exercise,

Circuit Training,

Sport-Specific Training

and more.


I am certified, and qualified, to work with a variety of populations.  Whether you are a couch potato fighting obesity, a teen-aged athlete who can’t seem to progress to the next step, a pregnant woman without the energy to move, or someone who just discovered that last summer’s jeans no longer fit this winter’s butt – Whether your goal is to improve your health, increase your strength or sculpt your body, I can help you achieve results.


To learn more about how my personalized exercise program can change your life …and to truly understand the influence that this personal training can have on your body, your energy, and your well-being, read what some of my clients have to say about their experiences.  Or you can contact me personally at (973) 668-5378.  



Why Personal Training with Andrew Stearns?  My “Seven Steps to Success”


1.        24-7 Support:  Even if I’m in session and can’t answer your question immediately, I will return each and every call or e-mail that day, usually within the hour.  Any question you have regarding health, fitness, performance or nutrition will be welcomed 24 hours a day, 364 day a year. That’s a promise.

2.       I will outline a fitness plan that’s right for you … you won’t waste a single minute on exercises that can’t and won’t deliver the results you’re looking for.

3.       Together, you and I will identify your long-term fitness goals, and then set realistic short-term goals that guarantee success.

4.       As you learn exercises customized to your body and fitness level, you’ll also learn the mental training techniques used by professional athletes for maximum results.

5.       I will become your motivational guru -- ramping up your incentive to succeed until exercising really does become a fun, integral part of your daily routine.

6.       Vital Weekly Information:  I will send you a bi-monthly newsletter with cutting-edge tips on how to loose weight, increase your energy, perform better and look your best. This is to keep you up to date and make sure you don’t find yourself lost in the pitfall of misinformation that’s out there today. 

7.       Working with Andrew is an investment in yourself that pays off from Day One … and continues to pay dividends for the rest of your life.


How Do I Get Started?


Have you made the mental commitment to improve your body?


If you can answer “Yes” to that question, then the next step is easy – simply request my comprehensive assessment form.  (This information includes your medical, health and exercise history, eating log, lifestyle and current activity level, goals, exercise preferences, etc.)


Once you send back the form via e-mail, I will evaluate your information, and prepare for our first consultation together.


This initial in-person consultation lasts 90 minutes and consists of discussing your personalized success plan, assessing your fitness level and starting right in with an introductory exercise session.  I can promise that you will leave this session empowered  -- you will have taken the first step to make over your body and improve your health.


The personalized exercise sessions are set up for an hour, and consist of a warm up, strength and or cardiovascular conditioning and stretching. Each session will be customized based upon your abilities and your goals. Sessions are progressive to keep your body steadily improving, steer you clear of a plateau and completely avoid injury, bringing you to a high level of health and performance.


The best piece of exercise equipment is … a workout partner!


Two individuals have the option of sharing a one-hour session and each will get an incredible workout with the same benefits of a one-on-one session. This can be as little as once per week or as often as five times per week. Committing to just three or more sessions each week offers a reduced rate per session.

1 Person

2 People

1-2 sessions(s)/week

3+ sessions/week

1-2 session(s)/week

3+ sessions/week





If you live in or around the Morris County, NJ area, fill out this form and/or contact me personally at (973) 668-5378.

If you do not live in or around the Morris County, NJ area, I am still available for online training and nutritional consulting.

A 100% money back guarantee is offered to anyone who follows my nutritional and exercise program and is dissatisfied with the results.

   Your nutritionist and trainer,