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    Meet Andrew

Andrew Stearns is a certified personal trainer and a registered holistic nutritionist, specializing in Metabolic Typing, performance enhancement and corrective exercise, kid’s fitness, and pain management.  A renowned expert on exercise and nutrition, he is regarded as a leader and trailblazer in the wellness industry.  Andrew has lectured across the United States and has a passion for sharing what he has learned through his personal training and nutritional coaching practice as well as his published writing and free newsletters.  

Born in Newark, NJ, Andrew developed a passion for sports and exercise at a young age.  It was this passion that enabled Andrew to pursue a career in baseball throughout high school, college and beyond.  After three years of semi-pro baseball he directed his energy and passion to a career in health and fitness.      

By the age of 25 Stearns had finished his graduate work and completed a two year mentorship with world-renowned nutritionist and Metabolic Typing expert Dr. Dennis Passante.  Having already held certifications from the most respected exercise science boards, Andrew took action and opened his own health and performance company, F.I.T. Systems, and launched his website

F.I.T. Systems (Focused Innovative Training) was the perfect way to reach more people eager for the truth about weight loss, performance, ensuring their children’s health, and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Andrew has worked with a number of athletic teams as their strength and conditioning coach and nutritional consultant.  He has been featured in a number of periodicals, receiving glowing reviews not only for his work with athletic teams but also his groundbreaking programs for physically challenged individuals.

Identifying a need for an overall “health consciousness” overhaul in the corporate workplace Andrew began lecturing and holding ongoing wellness workshops throughout the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area’s financial and corporate districts.  Some corporate performance clients include: Spear Pharmaceutical, Crossroads Inc., and Schwab & Binder L.L.P. 

Over the past 13 years as a wellness professional, Andrew has aligned himself with some of the most respected and cutting-edge holistic wellness and healthcare professionals in the Northeast.  These personal and professional relationships have not only brought him a wealth of professional referrals, but have broadened his insight and increased the scope of empowering services he offers.  

Today, Andrew focuses on educating people online and through magazines, press, TV, radio, audio programs, books and live seminars. Through his website –, Stearns is able to maximize his passionate commitment to help others. In addition to receiving fitness advice, clients can register for online personal training, nutritional coaching or request a personal appearance -- either a live lecture or workshop.

Andrew continues to “practice what he teaches,” exercising daily, eating well and thoroughly enjoying a healthy lifestyle.  Andrew’s personal workouts include strength and functional training, mountain biking, baseball, basketball, tennis, yoga, meditation, and qigong.

Andrew is currently working on a series on children’s books focusing on nutrition and making health conscious decisions at a young age…stay tuned!

“My ultimate goal is to empower as many people as I can to make fundamental changes in their lives through exercise and nutrition.”

– Andrew Stearns



·         NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
·         NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
·         ACE Clinical Exercise Specialist
·         ACE Personal Trainer
·         ACE Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant
·         Healthexcel Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor – CMTA Level 3 (Comprehensive)
·         Resist-A-Ball – C.O.R.E Certification
·         Red Cross Community First Aid and CPR

Ask Andrew a question, request a media appearance or discover how his services can benefit you.

Available to write or speak on the following topics

-  The truth about weight loss.                                                   
-  Exercise dos and don’ts.
-  How to get in shape working 40+ hours a week. 
-  How to eat fat and loose fat.
-  The truth about cholesterol.
-  Metabolic Typing – The missing link to your heath.
-  Holistic health and nutrition – The natural way.
-  Supplements – Myths & Truths.
-  How to flatten your midsection, once and for all! 
-  Mind, Body, and Spirit – putting it all together
-  Lower stress, live longer.
-  Regulating your hormonal system.
-  Detoxifying your body, the right way.
-  Pain free forever
-  Getting younger through exercise, nutrition, and flexibility
-  Injury prevention for athletes and active people
-  What’s really in the foods we eat?
-  Priorities, how to find time for exercise.
-  Heath is Wealth!  The biggest investment you will ever make.
-  Reading food labels.
-  How to keep your New Years exercise/weight loss resolution!
-  7 reasons you’re still overweight.
-  Working smarter, not longer – 30 minute workouts that work. 
The proper way to train your abdominals.
-  Fitness programs to improve your golf game.
-  5 things you must do to become a better athlete.
-  Spirituality, religion and exercise – the absolute connection.
-  Customized nutrition – finding out what’s right for you.
-  Energy – How to get it, give it, and keep it!
-  Raising healthy children.
-  Coaching your kids, the right way.

Ask Andrew a question, request a media appearance or discover how his services can benefit you.

Your nutritionist and trainer,