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Quick Ní Healthy Cooking Classes

What is a Quick Ní Healthy Cooking Class?

A Quick Ní Healthy Cooking Class is your opportunity to learn how to utilize key ingredients and make quick, simple and delicious meals with invaluable health benefits. You will learn a healthier way of cooking that's enjoyable, affordable, quick and easy to fit into your active lifestyle.

You will learn simple tricks to cut the fat or carbs (depending on your Metabolic Type) in your meal preparation without sacrificing flavor. You will learn easy to follow step-by-step, hand-on healthy cooking techniques that you and your family can use at home. Come with a friend or simply enjoy the company of like-minded individuals in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  And, yes! You will get to eat all the foods we prepare.

During your Quick Ní Healthy Cooking Class you will discover:

         How to prepare healthy and delicious foods in a fraction of the time

         How to make nutritious meals that are geared toward those people with an on-the-run  lifestyle

         How to eat right for your Metabolic Type Ė whatís right for your body, not what the latest diet book want you to eat

         How to avoid that mid-day energy crash by creating quick, healthy, snacks for work, travel, or your childís lunchbox

         How to get healthy, lose weight and do so by adding new and exciting recipes to your own personal cookbook

         How easy healthy delicious cooking can be, even for the novice chef!

Dear friend,

If you have ever said; ďI donít have the time to cookĒ or ďI donít know how to cookĒ or if you find yourself eating out all the time or even worse microwaving T.V. dinners for you or your kids.  Then this is the just the class for you!  As a nutritionist and personal trainer for the past 13 years Iíve found that many people fall short of their health and weight loss goals simply because they were intimidated by or just refused to cook for themselves (microwaving frozen foods or poring a bowl of cereal isnít cooking.)    

If this sounds familiar or if you havenít reached your health and fitness goals or if you simply would like to join me for a delicious healthy meal that you can add to your cooking arsenal, sign up now!  I will teach you to make wise decisions in your kitchen and how to stock a healthier refrigerator. You'll learn how to make the most nutritious meals without sacrificing taste, I guarantee it.  Cooking will become an enjoyable experience.  Why?, because you will know that you are investing in foods and preparing them in a way that will increase your energy, boost your metabolism and will enable you and your entire family to live longer and have the quality of life you deserve!.

Sign up now for this Quick Ní Healthy Cooking Class!

*Or request a private one-on-one or family class.

Quick Ní Healthy Cooking Classes are held in Randolph, NJ
* Space is limited to 5 people per class
* The Quick Ní Healthy Cooking Classes are about 1-1Ĺ hour(s) in duration
* The fee for the class is only $30.00 per person
* Questions are welcome, this is a fun and interactive classÖdonít be shy
* Every participant will receive a free gift at the end of the class Ė a $95 value!



Andrew Stearns is a registered holistic nutritionist, specializing in Metabolic Typing, and certified personal trainer, specializing in performance enhancement and corrective exercise, kidís fitness, and pain management.  A renowned expect on exercise and nutrition, he is regarded as a leader and trailblazer in the wellness industry.  Andrew has lectured across the United States and has a passion for sharing what he has learned through his nutritional coaching practice and his personal training as well as his published writing, grocery shopping tours, and cooking classes.

To Register Call 973-668-5378 or e-mail  or Register Online Below

The date of the next Quick Ní Healthy Cooking Class with Andrew Stearns is TBA.

Sign up now for this Quick Ní Healthy Cooking Class!

*Or request a private one-on-one or family class.

Your nutritionist and trainer,