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   The most important time in
    a kid’s life is…NOW!

Right now is the best time for your children to start understanding and experiencing heath and fitness through sports and movement.  I personally started exercising at a very young age, about seven years old.  Little did I know that I would be fortunate enough to give all that energy back training kids each and every day.  I am truly grateful to be a part of some amazing kids success.  Whether it be a shy young boy embarrassed because he’s always picked last in gym class or a young woman trying out for her schools soccer team, exercise will pave the foundation for lifetime of good habit, both physical and mental.  Exercise and fitness are two things in a person’s life that they have complete and total control of, but in order to reap the full benefits one must have the proper direction.

What is Kids Fitness with Andrew Stearns?  The foundation for the future.

In my exciting program, Kids Fitness, I instill vital lifestyle changes that are both effective and tons of fun.  I’ve been working with children and young adults for over 13 years, and my education and research has enabled me to provide them with safe, effective, and creative routines.  (For more details, see Andrew’s bio.)  I back up my commitment for your child’s development with a multidisciplinary fitness and sports background, so you can be sure these sessions will incorporate a variety of proven exercise techniques that will keep enthusiasm high, workouts fun, and will produce results.

Depending on your child’s age, ability, interests, and goals sessions may include:

Vigorous Exercise,


Agility Movements,

Balance Exercises,

Strength Training,


Functional Training,

Circuit Training,

Sport-Specific Training

Healthy Eating Discussions

and more.


I am certified, and qualified, to work with a variety of kids -- From youngsters lacking motivation to teen-aged athletes who can’t seem to progress to the next step. Whether you’re concerned that your child is developing bad heath habits, or if you just want the absolute best for your children’s physical and mental future, I can help you son or daughter achieve results.


To learn more about how my personalized Kids Fitness program can change your children’s life …and to truly understand the influence that this program can have on their body, their energy, their well-being, and even their academics, read what some of my clients and their parents have to say about their experiencesOr you can contact me personally at (973) 668-5378.  

Preventing childhood obesity – What you and I can do

Approximately 18.8% of children (ages 6–11)
and 17.1% of adolescents (ages 12–19)
were overweight in 2004.

Childhood obesity is nothing short of an epidemic.  The days of referring to and hoping a child will grow out of their “baby fat” stage are long gone.  Delay can be devastating not to mention embarrassing and, honestly, unfair for a kid to go through.  The truth is – it is not your son or daughter’s fault and it doesn’t have to be that way any longer!

These are the 3 success steps we will take to ensure your kids are becoming fit not fat!

  1. Understanding – Nutrition is a science and when mastered, can shape and change your life.  Kids have enough science homework to do at school, so what I do, along with the parent(s) is to simplify the basics of understanding food and healthy eating habits. 
  1. Investing – (a/k/a food shopping), Making sure the right foods are in the house so your kids can practice those good eating habits he or she now understands.  Also, investing time, making sure time is set aside to prepare meals and snacks, how to create meal times around a hectic schedule, and enjoy the benefits of bringing lunch to school and having a “power snack” before practice or a big game. 
  1. Enjoying – Food is meant to deliver energy and taste good.  The myth that healthy food is bland and boring is just not true…and I will prove it!  Whether by having a cooking class for your entire family or by showing your kids exactly how to make plenty of quick and healthy snacks, I will make sure your child feels comfortable in the kitchen. 

The athletic edge your kid needs!

Young athletes working one-on-one with me or together with a friend or teammate gain an immense advantage physically and mentally.  My clients gain strength and knowledge that not only helps them achieve their full potential in the sport(s) of their choice, but invests them with key fitness tools that will benefit them for a lifetime. 

One of the unfortunate myths regarding the training of young athletes is the notion that resistance training is either unsafe or unhealthy for younger adolescent and pre-adolescent athletes. Yet numerous scientific and medical studies have demonstrated that a properly managed resistance training program is safe and has no negative impact on growth plate development. Furthermore, young athletes who participate in a regular, well-supervised, scientific proven strength and movement program experience fewer injuries on the field than athletes who train improperly or not at all. 

Every training session follows a unique and carefully structured lesson plan that is designed to provide balanced development while maximizing results.

How can I get my son/daughter started?

Have you made your child’s health a priority?

If not, are you ready to start now?

If you can answer “Yes” to one of those questions, then the next step is easy – simply contact me personally at (973) 668-5378.   

Once we speak, I will evaluate your child’s information, and prepare for our first meeting together.


This initial in-person consultation lasts 60 minutes and consists of discussing your child’s interests and goals, assessing current fitness level and starting right in with an introductory exercise session.  I can guarantee that you both will leave this session energized – and you will have taken the first step toward encouraging your child’s potential and ensuring his or her health for years to come!


The personalized exercise sessions are set up for an hour, and consist of a warm up, strength and/or sport- specific training, cardiovascular conditioning, stretching warm-down, and a short goal setting and or positive lifestyle discussion. Each session will be customized based upon your kid’s abilities and personal goals.

1 Person

2 People

1-2 sessions(s)/week

3+ sessions/week

1-2 session(s)/week

3+ sessions/week





If you live in or around the Morris County, NJ area, fill out this form and/or contact me personally at (973) 668-5378.

If you do not live in or around the Morris County, NJ area, I am still available for online training and nutritional consulting.

A 100% money back guarantee is offered to anyone who follows my nutritional and exercise program and is dissatisfied with the results.

   Your nutritionist and trainer,