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    Online Training Clients:

“When Andrew told me about his online training program, I though it would be a perfect fit. I‘d already been working with Andrew, nutritionally, and had great results, and with my busy schedule, I thought working out at home was the best option for me. My only worry was that I’d get bored and slack off, but I really enjoy the variety of exercises he puts in each updated routine. He’s creative and understands what I need.  I doubt that I’ll never get bored and I know he can answer all my questions.  The online training options are great, just what I needed to give my workout a boost!  I am one happy client.” 

~ Janet Hawthorne, Montclair, New Jersey


“I trained with Andy for 5 years prior to my West Coast move.  The move was great, but I was worried about my training.  Andrew was the only coach I’ve known, and exercising on my own was a big step for me, no matter how much “experience” I had.  Andy assured me that I would do just fine.  He was right.  The ability to continue our training, albeit 3000 miles away, was critical for my continued success.  It’s almost as if we never stopped in-person training.  Thank you for everything, Andrew, your motivation, professionalism, and encouragement.”    

~ David Wilkes, Los Angeles, California


“Thanks for everything!  The workouts and stretching and cardio routines are awesome!  They’re really working!

~ Maria Dumont, Belle Haven, Virginia


“I’m proud to say that I’m Andrew Stearns’s first online training client.  I’m a very goal oriented person, and when I make an investment and put forth the time and effort I expect to see results.  Andrew’s always been tough on me and that’s exactly what I need.  Health and fitness goals aren’t achieved by sitting on the couch and eating fast food!  I really like our “Goal Setting Workshops”, they keep me moving forward.  You have always been honest and forthright as to what it’s going to take to reach each goal.  You have been an inspiration and a role model in shaping my physical and spiritual success.”   

~ Mary Difaliece, Randolph, New Jersey


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